Frequently Asked Questions

FlexTogether is a website that allows users to video chat with friends and family while simultaneously watching and moving to a pre-recorded low-impact fitness class.  Classes are available online, in a browser, at any time.

1) Complete a simple registration form.
2) Invite a friend or family member to exercise with you.
3) The system automatically invites them to join you online.
4) When your friend or family member is ready, you are both connected in a vido chat call.
5) Select a class and start moving together!

Any time that works for you! The classes are available on-demand, which means you can set the time that works best for you and a buddy.

Fitness in pairs is a great way to improve your health and relationships.  Research shows that working out with a friend enhances physical and mental wellness. 

With FlexTogether’s variety of classes there is class for all abilities and bodies. From Chair Yoga, to Cardio, to Tai Chi you can jump in at any level and advance as you gain proficiency. Or start a new class, research shows that learning new things is the best way to keep aging brains sharp! 

Yes! We are supported by non-profit partners

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